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Businesses need IT not only to maintain their infrastructure but also to focus on the core business goals.

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Experience the Transformative Impact

Cloud computing is rapidly changing the way leading organizations do business today. Enterprises large or small are now adopting Cloud to achieve effectiveness, enhance agility and reduce time to market.

From Hybrid to Community Cloud, Public to Private Cloud, SAAS, PAAS, IAAS – Which of these options could be the right fit for you?

Companies around the world are facing a big challenge – moving all of their On-premise workloads to the cloud. Cloud computing reduces costs, assures scalability and mitigate risks. Cloud Adoption acts as a roadmap which helps in evaluating and developing a successful migration.

At Aadit, we have a highly experienced and skilled team which can help you navigate to Cloud services. From Design to Development, Deployment to Adopting Cloud solutions that are right for your business, we support organizations with IT Consulting and Platform Migration Services. Our team of experts help your organization launch a successful cloud initiative where you can reap the benefits of cloud technology for Growth and stay competitive.

What We Do

We partner with clients to define the most optimal cloud adoption strategy, roadmap (Public, Private, Hybrid), readiness assessments, transformational workshops and implementation services.

Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

› Cloud Readiness Assessment
› Planning and Designing
› Platform Migration
› Managed Services
› Performance optimization and cost reduction

Built to Last

Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC)

Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC) is the baseline service we offer to organizations looking to take advantage of quick deployment, cost savings and unprecedented scalability. It is all about IT services operations which address operational requirements, operational support models and IT service management essentials.

Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC) a technique we adopt for a secure cloud environment across any cloud platform, ensuring maximum security protection and data availability. Instead of engaging in elongated, unnecessarily complex and expensive discovery process, we actually migrate your workloads and applications to a real cloud environment where testing for coding issues, compatibility and more can take place in real-time. Once these bottlenecks and errors are identified, Aadit Consulting team can coordinate resolutions with your internal IT team or we can resolve it for you. We help in transitioning existing workloads onto the cloud, develop future cloud architecture with minimum pain and costs, keeping technical requirements, considerations and implementations to fully deliver the promise of Cloud Adoption. This includes:

Cloud Assessment Workshop

The main agenda of this workshop is to make your key stakeholders more aware of the Cloud components and help you analyze how Cloud Services can be used to fulfil your Business. This workshop involves key stakeholders from your organization along-with our Cloud experts. We collectively identify which of your applications and data can be migrated to the Cloud. This workshop prepares you to the next phase of architecting your Cloud Roadmap.

In this phase, Aadit consulting services does the following:
– Identification of the workloads including applications and data that can be moved to the Cloud.
– Envisioning and planning a Cloud adoption and migration strategy
– TCO and ROI conversations for the Cloud with the stakeholders.
– Demo components and capabilities.

Design and Architecture Workshop

Design and Architecture workshop involves planning and designing your applications on the Cloud. Once we zero in on the project, Aadit’s Cloud team comprising of consultants, Technical and SME’s along with your IT architects and designers collaborate and design the solution. Our Cloud experts define the Compute, High Availability, Backup and Recovery and Cloud components required for your applications to be running on the Cloud. These design workshops are a cost-effective strategy for ensuring high-quality application design. The objective is to set the high-level application architecture and identify the critical design points and directions.

The design workshop includes:
– Building a high-level design for the solution
– Developing a high-level deployment strategy for the solution
– This workshop does not deliver a detailed plan or documentation but builds a foundation for your team to take it forward. Alternatively, let the Aadit’s Consultants/SMEs build it for you as an additional engagement.

Proof Of Concept (POC)

Proof Of Concept (POC) is a demonstration in , and the purpose is to verify that the applications and data selected for the Cloud in the previous workshops work correctly. This phase includes a small subset (test) of the application running in the Cloud before moving on to any production applications or data. Our Cloud deployment consultants perform the POC on-site and showcase the ability of your applications running in the Cloud.

POC phase includes
– Deploy a subset of the application which is to be deployed in Production
– Perform defined test cases against the deployed application in the proof of concept
– Document the test case results for future reference
– Deliver a Proof Of Concept deployment documentation for future reference

Pilot Deployment

Pilot Deployment is the actual deployment of the chosen applications and data in the Cloud. In this phase, appropriate teams test, stabilize and prepare your organization of the deployment to be released to the rest of the production users. Aadit’s team is are ready with a deep dive design of the production application with a detailed design document.

This phase includes:
– Production application deployment in the Cloud.
– Migration of a subset of production users to the new application
– Perform pre-defined test cases on the production application
– Troubleshoot any post-deployment issues and stabilize the deployment.

Production Deployment

Production Deployment and Migration involves transitioning the rest of the production application, data or users to the Cloud. During this phase, the appropriate teams release the deployment to the production users. To achieve a rapid deployment Aadit’s deployment consultants and SMEs come up with a strategy depending on what needs to be migrated. Be it users, data or applications, Aadit helps in automating everything.

This phase includes:
– Migration of the rest of the applications, users and data to the cloud.
– Delivery of the final design and implementation documentation.

Post-migration Support

Post Migration Support is provided by Aadit Consulting Services team. This phase involves support for any issues arising from the newly migrated and deployed applications into the Cloud.

This phase includes:
– Supporting any application or production users related issues post migration
– Project closure after the completion of this phase with all the stakeholders

Cost and Expense Allocation

Business growth is a result of investing in resources and optimizing infrastructure. To build and maintain infrastructure is costly and directly affects your ability to scale. By adopting the cloud, you can focus on what’s crucial and essential for the business.


Infrastructure can sometimes be a significant roadblock in a companies growth. It uses not only considerable investment but also requires continuous R&D and expert staff to manage it.


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