Managed Services 

Managing your IT Operations for Better Business Outcomes

Our Offerings

Enabling Agility for your evolving business needs

We help organizations with their day to day operations, by managing their IT and core business functions, thus enabling agility and scalability.

In any organization, managing IT operations, people and processes is not only complex, but it is also time-consuming and involves high costs. On-premise, IT is expensive to build and has high maintenance especially if the systems and capabilities are new or for niche domains. It can be quite distracting as organizations have to constantly ensure their IT is cost effective and meets the ever-evolving business needs.

How can we help achieve your business ambitions

Managed Service Offerings

– Global Service Delivery

– Hybrid IT

– Partner Ecosystem

– Support System

Managed Data Centre Services

We manage your technology infrastructure across the network, server, and storage for both on-premises and cloud environments.
– Disaster Recovery Services
– Cloud Backup
– Hosting
– Services for Cloud Operating Systems
– Services for Data Centers

Managed Cloud Services

We offer on-demand access to storage and computing resources with our secure, high-availability private, public, and hybrid cloud services.
– Public Cloud
– Private Cloud
– Hosted Unified Communications
– Private Cloud for Enterprise

Managed Network Services

Management of your network operations including WAN/multiple carrier services, LAN, Hybrid, and SDN.
– Hybrid WAN Services
– Network Services

Managed Collaboration and Productivity Services

We manage multi-vendor solutions including voice, video, messaging, presence, and conferencing with on-premises, hosted, cloud, or hybrid deployment models.
– Cloud Services for Microsoft

Managed Security Services

End-to-end management of security applications, processes, and operations including vulnerability, threat management, and web security across vendors and technologies.
– Email Security-as-a-Service
– Email Gateway
– Firewall
– Intrusion Detection and Prevention Service
– Security Information and Event Management
– Security Services
– Web Application Firewall
– Web Gateway
– Real-Time Threat Management
– Vulnerability Management
– Web Security

Our core strengths

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