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What is ISO 27001 compliance?

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is one of the oldest non-governmental international organization in the world that develops and sets standards to ensure the safety, quality, efficiency of products, services and systems, which is a globally accepted standardization practice.

ISO 27001 compliance is an International Standard for Information Security Management (ISM) established by ISO. ISO 27001 is formulated as a collection of standards specifically designed to guide enterprises and companies seeking to implement strong and safe cyber security systems. Compliance to ISO 27001 is not a mandatory practice for companies around the world. Companies can choose whether to implement it or not based on their business needs and requirements.

ISO 27001’s globally renowned best-practices, when adopted and implemented, helps enterprises and companies manage effectively and efficiently their far-reaching information security needs by addressing critical elements of technology, people and process issues.

ISO 27001 exclusively focuses on Information Security Management (ISM) only. When effected, ISO 27001 compliance enables companies and enterprises to implement critical internal security controls focusing on standardization of systems and processes into their Information Security Management System (ISMS). Companies that achieve ISO 27001 compliance are best placed to ensure that their organization’s critical security management is functioning to the optimum, and is keeping their company safe and secure.

What are ISO consultancy services?

As subject matter experts ISO consultants play a very important role in implementing the standards as set by ISO. ISO consultants with their specialized knowledge help evaluate your company’s internal processes and skill fully guide your company to meet the requirements as set by ISO 27001 Standards. The ISO consultant with their specialized knowledge about ISO 27001 standards can help identify issues in your company’s internal processes, make adequate recommendations for improvement, and likewise train and upskill the employees to learn, adopt and implement these new systems and ISO 27001 standards. 

Enterprises and companies could highly benefit from a compliance expert who exclusively handles Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). Thus, hiring an external ISO 27001 consultant or certified and experienced ISO expert can be a great way to save your company’s time, resources, and money in getting ISO compliant. ISO 27001 consultants possess specialized knowledge of ISO 27001 compliance, making them ideal guides to help your company navigate through the adoption, training, implementation, and setting up of compliance processes.

Hiring the services of external ISO consultants can also enable your company to build solutions that reflects your business’ unique needs, in turn strengthening and streamlining the customer service and delivery mechanisms. Employing the services of an experienced external ISO 27001 consultant who knows Best ISO Practices for every step of the compliance process, right from building an ISMS to conducting an audit as per your unique business domain requirements, could enhance your company’s operating standards. Some ISO consultancy firms being experts and having decades of experience can provide access to tools that can streamline audit reporting, evidence gathering, documentation, and many other tedious tasks as required by ISO 27001 Standards. Thereby, ensuring your company’s safety, quality, and efficiency of products, services and systems as recommended by ISO 27001 standards.

What does an ISO consultant do?

ISO consultants who possess specialized knowledge about ISO 27001 can ably and aptly evaluate your company’s internal processes based on the company’s unique business requirements, and accordingly guide and upskill your company to meet the requirements of the ISO 27001 Standards. When services of such specialized ISO consultants are sought then these ISO Consultants help identify issues with your company’s internal processes, make appropriate recommendations for improvement, and train employees in adopting and implementing the new systems, ISO 27001 standards, practices and processes.

The world over the role of an ISO consultant is to help companies and enterprises achieve ISO certification and make them ISO compliant, and especially for those companies who want ISO 27001 to be implemented as an International Standard for Information Security Management (ISM). To meet the critical requirements of the specific ISO standard, as required by the companies, the ISO consultant can provide expert guidance and support for implementing all the necessary ISO management processes and systems.

This ISO implementation process generally involves training staff, developing documentation, conducting gap analyses, and preparing for the ISO certification audit including any other intricate tasks as applicable. The ISO consultant further acts as a liaison between your company and the ISO certification body, timely assisting with the intricate auditing process, and ensuring total compliance with the exacting ISO standards. In short, the ISO consultant’s primary responsibility is to implement, expedite, and smoothly facilitate the successful implementation of ISO standards within your company, enabling your company to rise, adopt, and compete with the international and global industry standards as well as practices.

Key Benefits of ISO 27001 Standards

Post Covid-19 Pandemic and with ongoing wars across the continents, the world today is witnessing unprecedented times. In such uncertain global economic turmoil and challenging current corporate environment, to ensure sustainable business growth, companies have to keep a track not only on their cost spending, but have to figure out how to make and execute futuristic fail-safe business plans. Thus, in such changing and challenging times, implementing the ISO 27001 certification becomes more pertinent and exceedingly necessary for companies and enterprises, as it provides a globally identified ISO framework for information security management, and sets Internationally recognized standards for your company to ensure the safety, quality, efficiency of products, services and IT systems.

To stay competitive in today’s ever-changing business landscape, adoption of ISO 27001 compliance proves to be a game-changer in improving your company’s national and international reputation, restoring trust among the company’s internal and external stakeholders, and also in fulfilling local and global regulatory compliance requirements. The key benefits of being ISO 27001 compliant and obtaining ISO 27001 certification, is that companies and enterprises are willing to protect their critical and sensitive data adequately, by adopting and implementing the ISO 27001 standards, which provide much-needed privacy, integrity, and ready availability.

Implementing ISO 27001 standards secures your company’s vital and critical data, ensuring greater confidentiality, integrity, safety and availability of sensitive data and information. Here are some key benefits of being ISO 27001 Compliant and getting ISO 27001 Certified:

  • Enhances global appeal and facilitates the adoption of efficient ISO frameworks.
  • Enhances trust internally and externally as well as nationally and internationally.
  • Helps build a sustainable and long-lasting security culture throughout the company.
  • Helps to continuously monitor and prevent recurring security risks.
  • Increases your company’s national and international credibility and cyber resilience.
  • Improves information security structure and bestows greater focus.
  • Improves compliance with frameworks and reduces the need for cumbersome.
  • Improves efficiency by streamlining tools, processes and resources.
  • Protects the company’s reputation nationally and internationally and avoids regulatory fines.
Benefits of Choosing Aadit Technologies (ISO 27001 Compliance)

Know how Aadit Technologies helps local and global clients achieve comprehensive benefits with ISO 27001 Consulting Services

Aadit Technologies ~ Mission Statement:

“Empowering through IT and Cloud Solutions. Revolutionising Operations. Delivering Value. Inspiring a Connected Future.”

Aadit Technologies has emerged as a premier IT Company in India providing value-based and cost-effective IT Managed and ISO Consulting Services that has served and secured small, medium, and large enterprises locally and globally. Aadit Technologies has not only helped our local and global customers to walk that extra mile on the IT and Cloud landscape but empowered them to achieve ‘that extra bit’ by helping our customers to wisely choose, assess, deploy and manage their IT infrastructure with our time-bound and cost-effective IT Managed and ISO Consulting Services and Solutions.

Aadit Technologies team of expert professionals collectively possess over 100 man-years of industry experience and consulting expertise. Our dynamic team precisely delivers services and support that goes beyond our competitor’s business practices and recommendations.

With over 20+ years of advanced know-how in providing IT Managed and ISO Consulting Services successfully to small medium and large enterprises, locally and globally, has enabled our clientele to save over $50 million through our timely, ultra-modern, and cost-effective IT Managed and ISO Consulting Services.

Benefits with Aadit Technologies' ISO Consulting Services

Aadit Technologies has emerged as the preferred ‘Go-To-Company’ for ISO Consulting Services

As a premier IT Managed services provider based out of India, Aadit Technologies for over 20 years has been providing impactful, effective and efficient ISO Consulting Services. Aadit Technologies over the decades has provided comprehensive ISO Consulting Services for over 300+ Companies in India and Internationally. We have also established strategic partnerships with the Big-5 Tech Companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft at all levels, which enables us to fast-track high-priority needs and requirements of our local and global clientele.

At Aadit Technologies, we provide IT support and value-added services such as business process consulting, solution enhancement, and much more. Our Exclusive Services are:

  • ISO Consulting Services
  • Security-as-a-Service
  • Cloud Services
  • Cyber Security Services and Solutions
  • IT Managed Services
  • GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance)
  • Licensing Solutions
  • SharePoint Development

Aadit Technologies consulting approach towards ISO 27001 certification and compliance

At Aadit Technologies our ISO 27001 consultants are experts who know how to expedite the process of obtaining ISO 27001 certification in a timely and efficient manner, by leveraging their decades of experience and specialized knowledge about ISO and ISMS implementation.

The ISO consulting experts at Aadit Technologies take a holistic 360 degree view coupled with a systematic approach to managing your vital and critical company information, so that it remains secure during the ISO and Information Security Management System (ISMS) implementation process. Aadit Technologies’ systematic approach towards the ISO 27001 implementation encompasses total focus and upskilling of people, processes and IT systems.

Aadit Technologies consulting approach towards ISO 27001 certification and compliance focuses on:

  • Asset management and access control
  • Business continuity management
  • Communications and operations management
  • Human resources security
  • Information systems acquisition, development and maintenance
  • Information security incident management
  • Organization of information security
  • Physical and environmental security
  • Security policy
  • Total ISO Compliance

Technical Specifications and Methodologies adopted and implemented by Aadit Technologies for our local and global customer’s stands at (CX) 99.9% success rate. Review below our comprehensive certification and compliance services portfolio:

Certification and Compliance Services

Herein, Aadit Technologies has emerged as a “Preferred-GO-TO-Company” for ISO consulting services because of their inherent strength, expertise and industry experience of over 100 man-years. Aadit Technologies as an enabler for local and global enterprises has empowered these small, medium, and large companies to re-open, re-invent, speed up, and out-maneuver the global uncertainties of today’s business world, exclusively with Aadit Technologies’ high-tech, timely and cost-effective services.

Aadit Technologies ~ Services Prowess
Aadit Technologies ~ Growth in Numbers

Aadit Technologies as a Preferred ISO Consulting Services Provider in India, offers services with fair price as per Industry Best Practices, Guidelines, and Regulations. For more details about ISO 27001 Certification call or Connect with our ISO Experts for a No-Charge Demo: Call: +91 9663445445 or Email at: 

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Yes, SECaaS is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. Its scalability and flexible subscription-based pricing model make it accessible and cost-effective for organizations with varying security requirements. Small businesses can benefit from SECaaS as it provides enterprise-grade security without the need for substantial upfront investments in hardware and expertise. Similarly, larger organizations can leverage SECaaS to complement their existing security infrastructure and enhance protection across distributed systems and remote locations.

Security as a Service providers employ a multi-layered approach to safeguarding your data and operations. They implement state-of-the-art security technologies, such as advanced threat detection, data encryption, intrusion prevention systems, and secure web gateways, among others. Additionally, SECaaS providers have teams of skilled security professionals who continuously monitor and respond to potential threats in real-time. They stay updated with the latest security trends, ensuring that your organization is protected against emerging threats. With SECaaS, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data and operations are safeguarded by a dedicated and expert security team.